Learning Review – WORKed Episode 7: Laptop Down

Are there any “Foxes in your Henhouse”? What about “Dead Chickens” or “Rogue Agents”? Code names are fun, especially when they help you remember important lessons in cyber security. Watch out for “Dirty Intel” at your office. Leaving computers open, unlocked, and unattended is dangerous.

  • Do you keep any personal information on your computer?
  • Do you have any internal or customer banking information saved?
  • What would happen if someone sends a questionable email from your account?
  • What if you lost a key proposal, a large presentation, financial docs, or other important files you were working on?

On that last item, you may think "I’m safe, I.T. backs up all of my data", and you’d be mostly right. Data backups are sometimes slow to be restored, and even in some rare cases, backups have failed. Avoid the unnecessary risk, if you’re walking away from your computer take one second to press [Windows] + [L] to lock your machine. Hint: the Windows key is located near the bottom left of your keyboard between CTRL and ALT.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

We have winners from our NCSAM quizzes that ran all last month.  Congratulations to all the users who participated and especially to our drawing winners:

  • Michael Bott - Amazon $50 Gift Card
  • Rubi Ceja - Amazon $50 Gift Card
  • Kamarey Lopez - Amazon $50 Gift Card
  • Beth Wickstrum - Amazon $50 Gift Card
  • David Lozano - Fry's $100 Gift Card (Grand Prize Winner)

Winners should be receiving information shortly on how to claim their prizes.

Coming Friday: WORKed  Episode 8: Eagle Eye

Keep your head on a swivel and your screen down.  See who is under the proverbial eagle head.