Increase Your IQ: Password Security Recap

Increase Your IQ: Password Security Recap

How do you make your password secure?  As mentioned by Anthony a good password is one which is long enough, has numbers, special, upper and lower-case characters in it. Look at the following examples, which of these look safe to you?

  • Shopping1
  • Anthony6
  • Password
  • 12345

Always keep unique passwords for each account, and keep them different from the passwords used in other applications or websites.  As Anthony mentioned it’s really not a good idea to write down your password and leave it open for everyone to see (in a drawer and under your keyboard are terrible places too).  If you need to store your password somewhere make sure you encrypt it or use a password storage software as advised by Anthony.  By the way, the password protected spreadsheet your are currently using can be cracked in under two minutes!

What should you do if suspect your password has been compromised?

  • Alert your Office Manager or IT Dept. (if work related)
  • Change your password ASAP!
  • Contact Fluid Networks for additional advice

All the above are correct answers.  Did you know we also offer password managers for your business to use?  If you are a managed customer we can set your company up with MyGlue which allows secure personal and company shared passwords.  If MyGlue does not meet your needs we also partner with LastPass for enterprise deployments.

Seniority Rules at Password Security

A recent study found that people in their golden years tend to shy away from using passwords that are known to be insecure, like “password,” “1234,” or their birthdays.  Check out this article from our friends at Sophos to read the full story:

15 Tips to Better Password Security

Most people don’t realize there are several common techniques used to crack passwords and plenty more ways we make our accounts vulnerable due to simple and widely used passwords. Check out this article for some tips on how to secure your password:

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