Increase Your IQ: Password Security Recap Copy

Increase Your IQ: Password Security Recap Copy

Are you keeping an eye out for those “Red Flags” Anthony pointed out?  Or do you ignore those warnings like Cecil, deciding to click past them in the interest of saving time?

Before clicking links contained in any email or website, take a few seconds to make sure they are safe.  Do they correspond to secure domains?  Are the domain names common and/or well-known?  And are you sure they are spelled correctly?!  Please look below – do these links look safe to you?

When installing applications on your system be careful, we strongly recommend deselecting the plug-ins bundled with those applications, especially 3rd party toolbars.  Frequently, these open doorways for malware and phishing attacks to get through. Never install software that gives a warning urging you to download.  Common bad toolbars include:

  • ShopperReports
  • Coupon Printer

(these and others were pulled from customer machines)

COVID Scams Continue...   And Others...

In addition to increased phishing attacks related to COVID-19, attackers are still trying to steal your bank and PayPal passwords as well.  Check out this article from our friends at Sophos:

Top COVID-19 Phishing Scams

Our pal Tyler Shultz at Infosec has been keeping track of all the COVID-19 phishing scams forwarded to him the past couple months.  Do any of these look familiar (hopefully you didn’t take the bait):

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