Increase Your IQ: Mobile Security Recap

Increase Your IQ: Mobile Security Recap

Do you keep your mobile device locked when you are away from your phone?  Do you have encryption enabled on your device?  If you’re unsure, it’s easy to check the settings on your device to find if encryption is toggled On or Off.

As Anthony mentioned, security updates from vendors protect you from vulnerabilities on your device.  Not updating leaves your device, um, vulnerable.  A bad actor may easily exploit the vulnerability to access your mobile device and ALL OF YOUR DATA (even if encrypted).

To help keep your devices protected, we strongly recommend installing Sophos Intercept X for Mobile (very similar to the tools we use to protect your computers today).

Android phones still track you when location services are off

Do you know your phone’s location can still be tracked even when you have location services turned off?  Check out this article detailing how android shares your device location with Google:

Mobile Attacks Outpace Desktop Assaults

For the first time in cybercrime's history, more attacks have been waged against mobile devices than desktops.  See this article detailing the report on mobile assaults:

Mobile Security Compromise Hits 40% of Firms

Do you know more than 85% of the threats on mobile devices come from installed apps?  Learn more about mobile security reading this article:

Tuesday Training… "Social Engineering"

Some hackers do not need computers at all.  Join Anthony and Erica exploring the dirty business of social engineering — when all it takes is a little lie to crack open a company.