Increase Your IQ: Physical Security

Increase Your IQ: Physical Security

Ever wonder why you have to use a keycard to enter your own office? As Anthony warns, if you let anyone in without going through security, anything could happen – internal docs stolen off of a printer, someone using an unattended and unlocked computer, possibly even sneaking a thumb drive with malware onto a machine to infect the entire company! Beware of “tailgaters” and persons “piggybacking” your entry into the building. Be aware, bad actors try to gain entry into secure buildings by taking advantage of someone else’s common courtesy.

Don’t be afraid to question “tailgaters” and “piggybackers” attempting entry – who are you, what department are you in, etc.

Are you still in the habit of leaving your workstation unlocked when you step away from it? As the video shows, you’re leaving yourself and the whole company at risk. You should use screen locks on your phones and tablets as well. Another good idea is enabling encryption on your phone, tablet, and laptop, since these devices are stolen or lost more easily.

Harold has a habit of entering his password without looking around in a public place, allowing “Shoulder Surfers” to learn passwords or PINs. Since you can’t turn invisible, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to anyone standing near you, watch out for Security Cameras, shield the keypad you’re using in public so nobody can see it.

But wait, there’s more! Beware of “dumpster divers”. It’s important to shred docs and have your drives and devices destroyed before they’re thrown away, so critical information doesn’t become exposed.

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