Cyber Security Solutions

Attackers are unrelenting and new vulnerabilities are being found every day.

Without robust defenses at all levels inside and outside of your IT environment, you're leaving your business and users open to theft, data loss or worse.

Fluid Networks provides cyber security solutions which are fully managed by our team of IT and network security experts. Our tools, fully deployed and fitted to the way you use your network, will keep you protected against the latest internet threats by leveraging security technologies at all levels of your network; edge, email, server, PC, Ma, Browser, mobile device, cloud and beyond.

The holistic approach ensures your users are safe to use the internet on a daily basis, but also, when a large-scale outbreak occurs, our team is able to proactively work to ensure malware and viruses do not gain a foothold in your network. Our unique combination of day to day protection, monitoring and remediation technologies and quick response to new outbreaks makes Fluid Networks an ideal network security partner for your business.

Exhaustive analysis and close monitoring of risks, threats, and compliance requirements.

  • Continuous network and database testing
  • Managed firewalls and endpoint protections
  • Security awareness and best practice training
  • Email surveillance with robust encryption protocols
  • Software application scanning and malware monitoring

Managed IT Services

Businesses benefit from proactive monitoring of their servers, systems, and security.

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Business Communications

Complete phone and internet service for small offices or large, multi-site networks.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Fluid Networks’ data solutions are the most affordable and reliable available today.

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Detection and Protection to Prevent Infection

Businesses simply must have basic intrusion detections and virus, malware, and ransomware protections in place, but to be on the safe side, you’ll want to have full-time security experts handling your computer network defenses. Since 1998, Fluid Networks has been doing just that for small- and mid-sized organizations in Southern California. Call today for a free estimate.