PCI Compliance

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Complying with laws and regulations should always be observed especially when dealing with customer's privacy and confidential records. Credit card numbers, Bank records and customer contact details must be handled in a secure way that is permitted by the PCI Security Standards Council. Providing consumers with confidence in your company's security standards is invaluable nowadays as consumers are more aware of the consequences of security breaches.

Getting credit card details via phone and storing credit card data for recurring billing and e-commerce setup must be in line with PCI compliance- otherwise, penalties may be inflicted and payment brands may terminate your relationship or increase transaction fees. If a small business were to incur these penalties, ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 per month, it could potentially put them out of business.

We can help your organization. Contact us today and get a free onsite consultation for your business and how we can assit with your PCI Compliance.

pci compliance

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Be ready for any compliance with Fluid Networks

Fluid Networks solves your PCI compliance worries. Our compliance team will conduct an accreditation and analyze the areas of compliance your company may lack. This lets us recommend a possible set of actions or systems to help you achieve PCI compliance. We can install these solutions in your existing environment and prepare subsequent tests to ensure these solutions are effective.

If you are penalized by non-compliance or experiencing a PCI-DSS audit, we can help you too! Let's set an appointment and we'll see what further actions we have available to mitigate the damage by non-compliance. Our team can help you reduce penalties while ensuring compliance going forward is achieved.

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Regardless of the size of your organization, we have the broad range of expertise required to ensure sound IT management. As technology challenges are so multi-faceted, businesses can no longer rely on advice from individual "tech guys" or "computer geeks" to move forward. They need professionals like Fluid Networks. Call us today for comprehensive IT support.