Significant Savings

Placing your computing resources offsite, in the cloud, allows you to reduce your capital expenditures -- up front and over the long term.

Turning your office into a Cloud Enabled Office™ eliminates the expense associated with a large server farm and the power and cooling costs that go with it.

Businesses today find it harder and harder to meet the capital requirements necessary for operating robust, up-to-date servers and software. As such, they’re looking for ways to defer not only these costly purchases, but also the expenses associated with maintaining them.

Fortunately, for businesses in and around Camarillo, CA, Fluid Networks is a cloud-technology expert that makes it easy to move critical business systems to the cloud to enjoy practically unlimited computing resources on a pay-per-use basis.

Moving to the cloud generates significant savings on IT operating costs, plus many other benefits.

  • Improved workforce mobility
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Reduced payroll for technical personnel
  • More money for wage increases and product innovation
  • Higher availability of IT staff for revenue-generating projects

Streamlined Collaboration

Your workforce will enjoy anywhere, any-time collaboration in the cloud.

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Voice-over-Internet Telephony

Cloud-based phone systems are the most cost-effective option for SMEs.

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Microsoft Office 365

No hassle, pay-per-user access to Microsoft’s renowned productivity suite.

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Total Transparency

Your Cloud Enabled Office™ will impact ROI beyond its obvious effects on capital acquisition, depreciation, and software licensing fees that you won’t have to deal with. It’s a “pay only for what you need” platform with easy-to-use interfaces that give you the ability to see exactly what you’re spending on a per-user basis.