Managed IT Services

Fluid Networks is the reliable partner you’ve been looking for to manage your IT infrastructure with cost-effective, proactive, 24/7/365 support.

Today's highly critical, distributed IT systems require a proactive management approach to ensure proper availability, reliability and performance. Fluid Networks will holistically manage all your IT systems, creating cohesive experience between your users, network, and applications.

When Fluid Networks is managing your IT systems, you are freed up from the hassles of dealing with an ever-increasingly complex IT environment, so you're able to focus your attention where it should be; pleasing your existing customers and earning new ones.

Managed IT services are a predictive, proactive technical support model that ensures your users have fully-functioning IT systems always. No more crashing Servers, lagging WiFi or slow Internet service, no more glitches which serve to destroy your users' productivity costing your business money. Now, just enjoy a modern, safe and secure IT environment, so your teams may stay productive from anywhere, any time.

What do Managed IT Services Entail?

  • A nearly “failure-free” computing environment
  • Around-the-clock protection from viruses, spam, and phishing attacks
  • Constant supervision of PCs, laptops, servers, and networking equipment
  • Complete management of your software applications and operating systems
  • State-of-the-art backups of your precious customer, accounting, and HR data
  • Comprehensive Network Asset Documentation and password management system using our MyGlue platform, more info here:

Cyber Security Solutions

Cutting-edge firewalls and intrusion detection apps steer your network clear of danger.

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Business Communications

Complete phone and internet service for small offices or large, multi-site networks.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Fluid Networks’ data solutions are the most affordable and reliable available today.

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Expert IT Decision Making

Regardless of the size of your organization, a broad range of expertise is required to ensure sound IT decisions get made. And since technology challenges are so multi-faceted, businesses can no longer rely on advice from individual "tech guys" or "computer geeks" to move forward. They need professionals like Fluid Networks. Call today.