Streamlined Collaboration

Always available, on any device... That’s how your teams will function when you’re running
a Cloud Enabled Office™.

The newest Windows, Mac, and mobile operating systems for your devices, plus safe, secure cloud-hosted data, equals streamlined collaborations anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Fluid Networks’ Cloud Enabled Office™ is ideal for companies looking to help their employees complete projects more easily. It provides on-demand access to your servers, business data, and software applications so everyone can work efficiently with anyone else from anywhere in the world.

And you’ll enjoy a streamlined experience in more ways than one. First, the cloud’s document sharing, live editing, data syncing, and on-the-spot conferencing capabilities make it the ultimate teamwork facilitator. And second, we handle all the maintenance, licensing, updates, and upgrades so you don’t have to worry about any of it.

Cloud Enabled Office™ means mobility to fit your active lifestyle -- in the office or outside, your business files are available for sharing from any device.

  • Send email attachments from anywhere
  • Start web-conferencing sessions on a whim
  • Share documents with multiple users in real time
  • Produce files for external customers on demand
  • Add or subtract users whenever there’s a need

Significant Savings

Cloud computing is the surefire way to reduce hi-tech hardware and software costs.

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Voice-over-Internet Telephony

Cloud-based phone systems are the most cost-effective option for SMEs.

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Microsoft Office 365

No hassle, pay-per-user access to Microsoft’s renowned productivity suite.

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The Trend is your Friend

And there’s no bigger trend in business IT these days than the cloud, especially for small- and medium-sized companies with limited technology budgets and expertise. Thankfully, Fluid Networks’s Cloud Enabled Office™ allows you to cash in on all the great collaboration features cloud computing has to offer, with none of the maintenance headaches.