Increase Your IQ: Working Remotely

Increase Your IQ: Working Remotely

As we are full swing into the holiday season, many of us have hit the road like our friend, “traveling man” Jack. Whether you’re traveling for work or recreation, it is important to always remain cybersafe when online. When traveling, the safest way to surf is using your own portable hotspot. Options include enabling the hotspot service on your smart phone, using one already built into your laptop, or utilizing a small device available through your cell phone provider. If none of these are feasible, the next best option is using a VPN service (Dashlane, NordVPN, etc) to create a secure tunnel over the free wifi network you are connected. While no technology is 100% foolproof, these two options are the safest way to browse the web when you are away from your home and office.

New Security Awareness Training Program (Coming 2020)

Phishing, malware, social engineering, and good old-fashioned human error are the greatest cybersecurity threats to systems and vital information. It's tough to hear, but true. There’s no system so secure it can’t be breached – not even pen and paper! To combat this growing threat we are investing in you!

While there is no silver bullet to create overnight change in your organization’s cybersecurity culture, implementing a layered training and communication approach may help keep the organization's security in the front of your mind as well as others.

Here what’s coming in 2020:

  • Need to Know Education Series – Our new “Need to Know” education series follows Anthony and his coworkers through the world of cybersecurity. Each video is less than 4 minutes in length and is designed to be upbeat and entertaining to keep you engaged while still providing vital training information. A new episode will be released the first Tuesday (Tuesday Training) of each month.
  • Increase Your IQ – On the last Tuesday of each month, I will be sending the “Increase Your IQ” email which, just like this email, provides a re-cap of the previous cybersecurity training along with a reminder of the upcoming training next week.
  • Visible-IQ Blog – Along with the “Increase Your IQ” email there will be an expanded version posted to our Visible-IQ blog. It will include additional information such as cybersecurity tips, acknowledgement of our skilled phish hunters, and announcements for prizes. Basically, all the stuff you are reading right now will only be presented online as of January 28th.
  • Educational Posters – Complements upcoming training and designed to be posted in your office break room, kitchen or wherever you feel appropriate…Restrooms, maybe?
  • Non-Email Campaigns – Did you know there are other cybersecurity risks not associated to email? Please keep that in your mind as viruses can enter your computer through other sources as well.
  • Quarterly Visible-IQ Reports – Will be sent to our primary contact at your organization and will highlight the best and cybersmartest users. This report is designed to be shared within your organization, and users will definitely want their name to show up!
  • Prizes & Rewards – Along with the quarterly reports, we have various contests and prizes lined up for 2020. Users with the highest security awareness scores, users who report real phishing attempts in addition to our phishing campaigns and more, will be inline to win!

Just remember, the first “Need to Know” episode drops Tuesday, February 4th. I will also send you a reminder with the “Increase Your IQ” email on Tuesday, January 28th.


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