Increase Your IQ: Removable Media

Increase Your IQ: Removable Media

Here Anthony “don’t call me Tony” shares a lesson on yet another method hackers employ to sneak malware onto your machine and company network.

Have you ever found or USB drive or other removeable media just lying around?  Hackers are known to leave these little drives inside or around office buildings with the hope an unsuspecting person grabs it and decides to plug it in to their own machine.  What should you do if you find a USB drive on the floor close to the office printer:

    • Plug it into your computer to see if you’re able to figure out the owner, so you can return it
    • Give it to I.T. for them to inspect and determine the rightful owner
    • Ignore it and leave it on the ground

It’s always a good idea to encrypt your files on your computer or smartphones, which may actually be considered a type of removable media as well.  Encryption doesn’t protect you from potential malware from USB Drives plugged into your machines.  Even with encryption, it’s always best to hand over any found removable media to I.T. for them to take proper action.

What Is Removable Media?

Removable media is any portable storage device that allows users to copy data and take offsite, and vice versa. It’s considered a convenient, cost-effective storage solution available in a range of sizes, storage capacities, and with varying transfer speed abilities.

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Secure Removable Media and Devices

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Security Risks of Removable Media - Naughty USBs

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Tuesday Training… "Conclusion"

Take a moment to relax and review what you’ve learned as Anthony takes you through a few simple cybersecurity principles. Congratulations on completing your training!