Business Continuity

We provide professional business continuity planning and consulting services to keep you business running and protected even in the midst of a natural disaster or tragedy. Don't react to disasters, plan ahead and avoid the costly consequences.

VISIBLE-DP for Data Backup and Protection, and VISIBLE-ARCHIVE for Historical Email Reference combine to ensure your critical Servers and important Corporate Information are trim and able to be brought back online in minutes, not days, after Disaster or System failure.

Losing Data you’ve been working on since morning may ruin your day, losing Data on a grander scale, such as a Server crash wiping out your Accounting Records, might ruin your entire business. It is, therefore, imperative that you adequately protect your important files by implementing a secure, cloud recovery system which is fully managed and dependable when you need it.

We provide complete business continuity solutions, planning and consulting services in Valencia, CA. Our expert business continuity consultants can help you choose the best solution for you and implement and support it as well.

VISIBLE-DP is a fully managed, appliance-based, local onsite and Cloud-replicated backup designed to protect your business against data loss in the event of a system failure, local site or regional disaster or Ransomware attack. All you need to do is provide some basic information about your servers, and then Fluid Networks takes care of the rest.

VISIBLE-ARCHIVE is our fully managed, cloud-based email archiving solution which allows your historical email to be always available while keeping your actual inbox lean and clean. This brings down the cost to maintain your email system, provides access to email when Servers fail, maintains legal and compliance requirement, protects against user deletions, and significantly shortens the time to recover by holding historical, unchanged data in a separate repository that is available from anywhere.


VISIBLE-DP and VISIBLE-ARCHIVE are comprehensive, industry-leading backup plans for data and emails

  • Cloud-based files guarantee your data is backed up as you work
  • Automatic archiving keeps current data active and safely stores the rest
  • No hardware for you to buy, and we use only top-of-the-line brands like Dell
  • Backups can be housed offsite for extra protection, and they’re simple to retrieve
  • Well-defined recovery strategies ensure data is back online fast after downtime events

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Maximized Up-Time with Quick Recoveries

Server failures and disappearing data can result in thousands of dollars of lost productivity for your company. Even worse, they have the potential to put you out of business entirely, depending on the severity of the downtime event. But a Fluid Networks backup and disaster recovery plan gives you total protection and total peace of mind.