Increase Your IQ: International Safer Internet Day

Together, we learn how to safely navigate the internet

Whether you use the internet for work, play or to socialize, take time this month to think about ways you should use technology safely.

5 tips to safer internet browsing

Think about ways you use the internet and the devices to access it.

Increase Your IQ: Removable Media

Here Anthony “don’t call me Tony” shares a lesson on yet another method hackers employ to sneak malware onto your machine and company network.

Have you ever found or USB drive or other removeable media just lying around?  Hackers are known to leave these little drives inside or around office buildings with the hope an unsuspecting person grabs it and decides to plug it in to their own machine.

Increase Your IQ: Working Remotely

As you likely already know, working from home or the road is more challenging than working from the office, especially if you want to remain secure and keep your data protected. Have you ever used the public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or elsewhere? From your experience, which Wi-Fi network provides the safest connection:

Starbucks Wi-Fi

Only Secured Wi-Fi networks provide potentially safe connections.

It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Interested in how you can protect your organization?
Check out how Fluid Networks protects their customers using security awareness training and phishing simulation:

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Increase Your IQ: Physical Security

Ever wonder why you have to use a keycard to enter your own office? As Anthony warns, if you let anyone in without going through security, anything could happen – internal docs stolen off of a printer, someone using an unattended and unlocked computer, possibly even sneaking a thumb drive with malware onto a machine to infect the entire company! Beware of “tailgaters” and persons “piggybacking” your entry into the building.

Increase Your IQ: Malware

As Anthony mentioned in the video, the most common type of malware is a virus. Viruses can be transmitted through email attachments, USB/Flash drives or by clicking on bad links on websites. Whenever you receive a document through email, you should message the sender through a secure channel to confirm they sent it.

Increase Your IQ: Social Engineering

Do you get spam calls on your number like Erica? Do you know if you have ever been a victim of social engineering? Were you ever asked to share your personal information or send money on a phone call like Anthony described in the video?

As Anthony described, social engineers try to manipulate you by making you believe that they are from a legitimate company.

Increase Your IQ: Mobile Security Recap

Do you keep your mobile device locked when you are away from your phone?  Do you have encryption enabled on your device?  If you’re unsure, it’s easy to check the settings on your device to find if encryption is toggled On or Off.

As Anthony mentioned, security updates from vendors protect you from vulnerabilities on your device.